Try Dog Sledding This Winter

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Try Dog Sledding This Winter

This activity makes it on many bucket lists and I was lucky enough to experience it. Have you ever wanted to try dog sledding?

Sledding across fresh snow atop a frozen river is a great way to take in the outstanding scenery the Yukon has to offer. We learnt how to maneuver the sled and express commands the dogs knew as they took us on an amazing journey through the Takhini Valley. I’m not sure which I enjoyed more driving the sled or being passenger.

We were surrounded by low-lying mountains and the only sound we could hear was our dog team patting along the snow at a modest pace as they love to do.

After the ride was over, we spent time with the dogs playing in the snow. We learnt about how well they are cared for and were able to visit the puppies who were full of energy. Ending our day with hot chocolate in the lodge.

Written by Marika Ydenberg

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