Housed in the winter palace, State Hermitage Museum

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Housed in the winter palace, State Hermitage Museum

If you want to see oldest galleries in the world, this is the museum for you!


The State Hermitage Museum is said to be one of the largest museum in the world.

It has over 3 million different kinds of art in it. The museum is situated along the Palace Embankment in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The museum has such a large collection of arts that it cannot be put out on display at one point in time. It is said to have the oldest art galleries the world. The museum was made in 1764 and was made public in the year 1852. The huge collection of the State Hermitage Museum is spread in six different buildings along the Palace Embankment. The most prominent and known amongst them is the Winter Palace, which now is made the official residence of Russian Tsars.

It is very interesting to know that the Hermitage Museum also has international branches. It is located in Amsterdam, London, Las Vegas, and Ferrara (Italy). In fact, the State Hermitage Museum has coined its presence even in the Guinness World Records for having the world’s largest collection of paintings.


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