Delta Comfort+ International Branded Fare Product for Travel Beginning on September 19, 2016

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 Delta Comfort+ International Branded Fare Product for Travel Beginning on September 19, 2016

Delta Comfort+™ fares are now available in select international markets, making it easier to buy Delta Comfort+ and shop Delta's menu of branded products.

Delta customers now have the ability to purchase Delta Comfort+ as a fare during their initial purchase, just like Main Cabin or First Class for select flights to and from Asia Pacific Region and Latin America/Caribbean Region.

Delta Comfort+ as a fare product offers travel partners:

  • An improved workflow by eliminating the need for separate ticket and ancillary fee transactions.
  • Greater ease when shopping Delta’s menu of branded products. 
  • The ability to apply agency incentives and commissions.
  • The opportunity to use Corporate ticket designators, associated discounts, priority and recognition benefits for U.S. 50, Canada and select Asia Pacific markets

Please note: In all other international markets, Delta Comfort+ will continue to be available for purchase as an ancillary seat product.

Delta Comfort+ will be available for purchase as a fare product in the following markets:

  • Travel within the U.S. 50
  • Travel between the U.S. 50 & Canada and:
    • Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America
    • Northern South America markets, including Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela
    • The Asia Pacific region excluding China and Hong Kong 
  • Travel within the Asia Pacific region, excluding China and Hong Kong.
  • Travel between Asia Pacific region markets (excluding China and Hong Kong) and Latin America/Caribbean region markets (excluding Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile)

Additional Information

Customers purchasing Delta Comfort+ will enjoy an upgraded experience including a seat towards the front of the plane with extra legroom, access to Sky Priority® boarding, dedicated overhead bin space, and superior snacks on longer flights. View Delta Comfort+ onboard experience  for additional information and terms and conditions.

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