Top 5 Chinese dishes you should sample

March 21, 2014

The Chinese are grudgingly efficient in everything they do. Even their food reeks of efficiency, a fact that does not sit too well with their competitors, but what do they do if they cannot help it? The English say that 'if you cannot beat them, join them'. I will go further and say that if you cannot beat them, join them and then emulate them.

Only in China can you explain away the anomaly of a 5-star restaurant dish going for the price of a 3-star restaurant. The Chinese have become very innovative in how they prepare their mostly rice-oriented dishes such that you will hardly realize it is rice until some local mentions it. Below are the top rated Chinese dishes.

1. Baozi

This is a traditional Chinese delicacy that consists of dumplings stuffed with meats such as pork and beef. They are served with fried veggies, and spicy sesame oil to dip in.

2. Jiaozi

These are crescent shaped dumplings that are stuffed with veggies, port and/or beef and are much smaller than baozi. For a good helping, you will pay the affordable rate of $0.5 dollars - yep... they are that cheap.

3. Noodles

Noodles are a Chinese invention that has left the world thoroughly impressed. They can be served with vegetables and large chunks of Chicken, beef or Pork. The noodles are easy to prepare as you only need to boil some water. If you love the herbs and spices, there are a lot of market places in the Chinese cities that can sell you the authentic Chinese herbs.

4. Nematalosa

This is one of the rarest Chinese dishes as it is only found in Xinjiang. It consists of deep fried fish that is seasoned with toppings such as fresh ginger root, garlic, scallion, white pepper, and sesame oil. It is by far the most interesting dish in China as it involves meticulous preparation.

5. Geng

This dish is also referred to as Fujian soup and is made up of edible mushrooms and bamboo shoots. It is served with large chunks of chicken. The soup is treated with a lot of traditional Chines herbs to bring out an authentic Fujian flavor.

It is very rare that you are going to find a dish in China that does not have either rice or noodle in it. Other ingredients in Chinese food include vegetables, wheat, soy beans, herbs and seasonings. Make sure you sample as many variations of Chinese dishes as you can.