5 Money-Saving Hacks for Business Travel

September 15, 2017

1) Book in Advance
Businesses should institute a travel policy that encourages employees to book at least eight days prior to departure. According to Concur’s findings, businesses can save an average of $148 per ticket by implementing similar guidelines.
2) Don't forget the Regional Airports
Concur recommends keeping an eye on fares at regional airports. Employees can often find greater savings on last-minute travel by utilizing smaller and mid-sized airports. Of course, monitoring a related increase in gas or car hire services must also be factored into this travel strategy.
3) Manage your Travel Schedule
Try to avoid last-minute travel during the summer months, when airfares tend to be at a higher rate. Instead, consider scheduling meetings and events in off-season travel months to help manage the bottom line.
4) Account for Ancillary Fees when considering travel options
Oftentimes, a $100 upgrade to first class may seem like a luxury. But when taking in to account waived baggage fees and complimentary in-flight meals, that upgrade might end up saving money.
5) Use an Expense Management Platform
Track the total cost of air travel, including all ancillary fees. By automating processes with a system like Concur, business managers gain access to greater transparency and better reporting on potential budget “problem” areas, which when addressed can help save more money.