Avoid delays at Security Screening

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Getting through airport security line ups quickly is possible. Whether you carry on or check your luggage, being properly prepared is the key. Many road warriors travel as lightly as possible even for long haul flights, but there are still key items that every business traveller needs to know in order to make their trip a success. Knowing how to pack like a pro will help speed the clearance process.

One of the most common causes of passenger frustration is having liquids and gels taken away at security screening.  Containers larger than 100ml are not allowed in carry-on bags (some exceptions apply).  

Laptops, cell phones, and tablets are all common business travel items.  Packing these items in a briefcase so they are easily removable will help you get through security faster.  Belts and change in your pockets also must be removed so to save time you might want to put these items in your briefcase or purse until after you clear security.  Shoes are also a common item that need to be removed.  Be sure to wear comfortable, slip-on style shoes and avoid those with laces.

Knowing which items are permitted in your carry-on and which are prohibited is also important.  For a complete listing of these items, please visit The Canadian Air Transport Authority website.  


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