5 Travel Myths about All-Inclusive Resorts

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5 Travel Myths about All-Inclusive Resorts

Now more than ever an all-inclusive vacation experience is anything but cookie cutter, but despite this fact, many old notions of what it means to stay at an all-inclusive remain.

Now more than ever an all-inclusive vacation experience is anything but cookie cutter, but despite this fact, many old notions of what it means to stay at an all-inclusive remain. Here are the top 5 myths that might sadly be keeping you far away from all that an all-inclusive can offer.

Myth #1: All Accommodations Are The Same

Not only is every resort different, but most resorts today offer varying levels of amenities and types of rooms to suit every taste and budget under an all-inclusive umbrella. Some resorts specialize in romance, others are more family friendly, and still others could be perfect that girls’ weekend you’ve been dying to take.

So don’t just assume that all-inclusive is a bland, one size fits all experience, choosing the right resort should be just as tailored to your needs as any other travel plans. We are here to help you choose the best resort for you preferred style of travel.

Myth #2: The Food Is Lousy

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, there might be a few slackers out there who haven’t made advances beyond a boring buffet, but that is far from the norm today. Most all-inclusives have several restaurants serving a variety of cuisines or at least a kitchen with a revolving menu to keep your taste buds constantly intrigued.

Some resorts are even making food a focal point of their appeal, like El Dorado Resorts. El Dorado Royale boasts an on-site greenhouse that supplies all their resorts with fresh, sustainable, and seasonal food to deliver that locally-grown and authentic culinary experience you’re looking for.

Myth #3: They’re All Huge And Overcrowded

All-inclusive resorts come in all shapes and sizes. If an intimate resort is more your speed, there are plenty that offer inclusive packages.

Whether you’re looking for a larger property with high energy and plenty of activity or retreat to a quiet ocean front suite on a 50 room hideaway, there is a resort that will fit your perfect getaway.

Myth #4: Adults-Only Is Only For Couples

Adults-only resorts have gained popularity over the years not only for couples enjoying a honeymoon or romantic getaway, but also for reunions, bachelor parties, or needed breaks with your closest friends. So the idea that you have to be paired off to enjoy your time is simply not true, you just need to choose your resort carefully.

Breathless Resorts have some of amazing all-inclusive resorts tailored to the adult crowd. You’ll enjoy high energy and a sexy atmosphere, great for couples and singles alike.

Myth #5: There Are Always Hidden Costs

Most all-inclusive resorts will have a few things that may cost you extra if you chose to have them, but any reputable resort is upfront about these charges. Spa services, guided excursions, and rounds of golf are some of the more common things that cost you extra if you decide to partake, but for the most part all-inclusive really tends to be all-inclusive.

Again, this is where choosing the right resort for your needs comes into play, the last thing you want to find on check out is that all those shots of premium tequila at the swim-up bar weren’t included.

The Bottom Line:

We love all-inclusives and the ease and peace of mind they can bring a traveller. However, these myths prevail because not enough people are able to find out what resort works best for them. Luckily that’s where we come in.

Uniglobe Travel Consultants take the time to find the perfect all-inclusive resort to meet your needs, budget, and personality. We have relationships with the vendors and personally visit the resorts so we can tell you exactly what you’re getting and help you avoid the places that just won’t measure up.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly resort with great activities for the kids, an energetic getaway with the girls, or a quiet and stress-free excursion when you just need to get away from it all, we’ll find just the right all-inclusive resort to make this your best vacation yet.

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