5 Freebies for Airline Passengers

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5 Freebies for Airline Passengers

Gone are the days when air travel meant you left the plane with a all kinds of cool freebies, from chocolates to tiny toothbrushes. Today, however, there are a few items some airlines will still dole out; all you have to do is ask politely.

#1 – The Whole Can of Pop
It’s worth asking for and even if a flight attendant can't oblige you may get a refill.

#2 – Water Bottle Refills
As we no longer can bring our own bottles of water on board, unless purchased inside security for a hefty fee, asking a flight attendant to fill your own bottle is a good way to save a few dollars and stay hydrated.

#3 – Junior wings
Travelling with kids? Some airlines will still hand out those little wing pins to kids. Alas, most airlines now opt for plastic wings with a sticky strip on the back rather than a pin.

#4 – Sanitary/Baby Wipe 
Airplanes can be full of germs, so what not ask for a wipe to clean your table and arm rests. Most airlines are happy to give these out.

#5 – Extra snacks
Feeling a little peckish? If the airline has some extra snacks, all you have to do is ask and you may find yourself with an additional bag of pretzels.

Adopting the mantra “it never hurts to ask” may score you a few of these items.

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